Why Arrive Tired?

Have you ever wondered why many of your passengers sleep through a flight? Have you ever wondered why you have made an uneventful, pleasant two-hour flight at 8000 feet and arrived at your destination yawning and feeling fatigued, or perhaps even with a mild headache?

It’s no mystery–it’s hypoxia. Not, perhaps, to the degree that you were an unsafe pilot, but enough to cause the classical symptom of hypoxia: tiredness. And according to the FAA, 25% of night vision is lost at 8000 feet, even for a healthy non-smoker.

Prior to the introduction of the aerox® high-duration system, the wise pilot reserved the use of oxygen for situations where it was legally necessary; i.e., above 12,500 feet. Many light aircraft had no oxygen systems. Most pilots did not purchase systems for practical reasons: short duration of supply, discomfort of wearing oxygen masks, difficult and costly refills, heavy weight and large bulk.

aerox® systems eliminate all these objections, plus one more: the price is right. Many aerox® systems cost about $500 for a complete, high-duration, compact and lightweight system. We believe you will add to your flying comfort, safety and pleasure by using oxygen at an altitude above 8000 feet during the day and 5000 feet at night. And because AEROX systems make your oxygen supply last up to 8 times longer than other systems, it’s reasonable to do exactly that. Why arrive tired?