4110-711-Silicone Mask
4110-401-1 Single Outlet Manifold Assy for PB-1 Style Plug-Ins4110-641-1 (2)4110-711-Silicone Mask

4110-728-2-01, Fixed Flow System Assembly, W/PB-1 Style Fitting, Medium (Copy)


Product Description

4110-711-2, Fixed Flow System Assembly, W/PB-1 Style Fitting, Medium

This TSO C103 approved mask is a crew mask without microphone assembly including the approved re-breather mask, flow indicator, and a preset plug.  These plugs are preset based on customers altitude request up to 25,000 feet.  The Puritan Bennett style fitting is typically associated with newer Cessna aircraft post 1980 and many other types of aircraft. Please use the gallery photo to verify your outlet connector.  The flow indicator is a simple to read red to clear indication of positive flow.  Please see the outlet configuration in the gallery for identification.

Size Medium fits approximately 95% of people

This mask uses TSO approved 4110-711-2

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 8 x 8 in
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